Brazil Visa and Passport for Canad

Canada is also one of the most famous and important countries of the world. The Embassy of Brazil also offers visa application for the citizens of Canada for different period of times. Canada is also known as the heart country and very important region for Brazil as compared to the other countries of world. Brazil is reflected in the girth of Canada’s relations with this country. Brazilian embassy offers visas and passports for their citizens to leave for Canada at regular basis.


The country of Canada has become one of the famous and an increasingly well-liked destination among the citizens of Brazil to visit it for the business, tour and study purposes. In the year of 2004, the number of visa applications by the Brazilians was 60%. The ratio of issued visa has been increasing since 2003. The number of issued visas to the students has also been increased consistently.


As a result of raise in the number of visa applications, and also a struggle to avoid the discomfort, which is caused due to need for clients to travel from one country to the other and also crowded waiting in front of the visa offices to apply for a Brazilian or Canadian visa. Brazil consulate in Canada has introduced a new procedure of providing visa applications.

This procedure was applied on May 16 on the Brazilian travelers to Canada. In order to make sure that the Brazil Canada consulate can continue to offer their quality services, a latest technology will be introduced on all the non-immigration visas that will be submitted through the couriers and third party agents. This latest technology will make capable to the Brazilian Consulate Canada to provide a time period of 2 processing days on applications.

The processing time of the in-person application is also 2 businesses or working days. If visa applying officers require other additional documents, medical reports and other further checks, then additional time may also be required.


The Canadian Consulate General in the country of Brazil also notifies that using the third party travel agents or other couriers to submit your visa applications is voluntary. The public of Brazil or Canada is most welcome to submit their applications through in-person procedures, if it is wished or required.


All the services of visas and immigrations are centralized at the Brazil consulate Canada for those applicants, who submit their applications for permanent residences, visiting tours and permanent residence determinations. The Brazilian embassy also offers visas for the temporary visitors like tourists, students and other businessmen. The application fee is also charged by these embassies on all visa applications, which is non-refundable.